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Review: Exposed Skin Care Acne Products + Coupons

One of the best ways to determine whether a product is worth trying is to read through reviews of someone who have already used it. For instance, the Exposed Skin Care reviews on Amazon can really provide you with an understanding of how the product works. It has been given an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, which is excellent, especially with a product that has over 200 actual customer reviews.

My friend Jacey, an Exposed Skin Care user, titled her review “Exposed – Great Product!” Prior to trying Exposed system, Jacey suffered from acne for a very long time. The previous products she tried caused a variety of side effects, from severely dry skin to actually increasing her acne rather than reducing it. When she tried Exposed, she was very pleased to find that it cleared her skin up very well and without all the harsh chemicals she was accustomed to. This is one of the most helpful Exposed Skin Care reviews, and the 5-star rating highlights how pleased this user was.

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Review: Pale Skin + Anastasia Contour Kit

This week on YouTube, I try out Anastasia’s Contour Kit in “light” on my pale skin. The video features a full review on this Anastasia Cosmetic product with a small focus on the Beauty Blender. Also, I talk Periscope! (You can find me at “cheriecheezcake”!)


Want a beauty product reviewed? Leave me a comment!

Pop A Pastie Podcast ft Beth Spencer

Pop A Pastie Podcast interviews Beth Spencer this week and we have a surprise guest: comedian Chris Rex. Beth runs the Turn Off The AC! project and asks the mayor the tough questions via Twitter. We also ask that you vote the best website at the Memphis Flyer website. Also: if you like my podcast at all, PLEASE subscribe on iTunes and rate it!

Episode 6: Turn Off The AC ft. Beth Spencer
Cherie and Jennifer discuss Mayor AC Wharton, kittens, Gil’s Guys & Al’s Gals, and the terrible decisions of Memphis Animal Shelter with Beth Spencer. We bring in Chris Rex to defend his wet hair on Vine. Jennifer reveals a huge secret.

VLOG: Pink Hair, 50 Subscribers, & Upcoming Videos

My pink hair is back which means I feel like my old Cherie Cheezcake self again! In celebration, I’m giving you a video of my supreme awkwardness and glee in the form of my first ever VLOG!

In this vlog, I discuss getting (almost!) 50 subscribers, some of the new videos that I have in the works, and my pink hair, of course. At least two of the upcoming videos will be review videos since that seems to be my most popular video. Who would have thunk it?!


So if you have any videos you are interested in seeing from me or any products you would like reviewed, please tell me in the comments!

Pop A Pastie Podcast ft Elana Holder

This is part two of my podcast posts for today so be sure to check out the first one here. Yesterday, I interviewed my musical friend, Elana Holder. She’s a sassy, gorgeous lady with an incredible wit. Also: if you like my podcast at all, PLEASE subscribe on iTunes and rate it!

Episode 5: Wild Child ft. Elana Holder
Elana Holder joins Cherie and Jennifer this week to discuss Memphis entertainers of all types, crappy muggle jobs, and Elana’s father Jack Holder, a Memphis music legend. We also take a moment to discuss why Chris Rex’s hair is always wet in every Vine he does.

Pop A Pastie Podcast ft Crockett Hall

To make up for last week’s missed episode (sorry, Crockett!), I’m releasing two podcast posts today. Double the podcast for.. nothing. Funnily enough, both of these guests are Memphis musicians. Crockett Hall is a member of local band, One Word. He’s a good friend, great supporter of the arts, and all around great guy. Also: if you like my podcast at all, PLEASE subscribe on iTunes and rate it!

Episode 4: Jailhouse Rock ft. Crockett Hall
Cherie Cheezcake and her new co-host, Jennifer Bradley, talk with local musician Crockett Hall. The trio discuss the latest SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality, what feminism is, and why men send the infamous unsolicited “dick pic.”